Fishing Seasons

Smallmouth Bass (May - Oct)

  • Lake Erie and the Niagara River have become world renowned for they’re consistent catches of trophy smallmouths.
  • Beginning May 1st and continuing until the 3rd Saturday of June, when our regular bass season opens, the New York waters of Lake Erie are open to a trophy smallmouth season. It is during this time that anglers are allowed to fish the lake’s giant prespawn smallmouths with the hopes of catching the trophy “smallie” of a lifetime.
  • This season is one when hot, rod-bending action can be expected. These prespawn bass readily take live and artificial baits, with catches of 20 to 30 smallmouths being the norm. Our average bass in this prespawn season weigh in at about 2 pounds with many 4 plus pound fish and an occasional 6 pound bass boated in a day of fishing.
  • Tremendous fishing continues all the way into October as we follow our bronzeback bass friends out onto the reefs of Lake Erie where they spend the summer months.
  • This is a great time to bring the kids, as the bass fishing action is usually fast and consistent.
  • This is one of Captain Ted’s favorite fishing seasons.

Walleye (June - Sept)

  • As June nears Lake Erie’s well-known staple, the Walleye begin to go on their open water bite.
  • Walleye fishing is not for the faint at heart. Many days begin with a 10-mile run off shore to find these nomadic schools of “yellows”.
  • Patience is a virtue when fishing Erie ‘Eye’s. Hours of fishing can sometimes go by while waiting for the Walleye bite to turn on. But if you have the patience and the stamina you can be rewarded with a nice catch of some of the finest eating fish in the world.
  • Our main technique for the walleyes is bottom bouncing hand tied worm harnesses on reefs and rock piles.This hands on finesse fishing readily entices limit catches of fish.
  • ¬†Lake Erie Walleyes average 3 pounds with many 8 to 9 pounders caught during our season.

Salmon (Sep - Oct)

  • The Niagara River’s most extreme fishing is had as the powerful and majestic King Salmon enter the Lower Niagara, from Lake Ontario, on their Fall spawning migration beginning mid September
  • The famed Devil’s Hole is the battleground for these elusive and powerful salmonoids. It is here where we utilize skilled boat handling, in the turbulent tailraces of our hydroelectric plants and precision bait presentations to entice these freshwater giants into hitting.
  • Ask any of Captain Ted’s regular customers and they will tell you that when you go on a Niagara Salmon trip you have to show up ready to work hard for these prized fish. The fishing is many times fast and furious. Concentration and a perfect presentation is a must. Your hard work will almost always be rewarded with the ultimate fight and trophy of a lifetime.
  • Niagara River Salmon weigh in at an average 18 pounds, with many 28 to 30 pound fish being boated each season!
  • These are our most popular charters. Prime dates are filled many months before the Salmon fishing season begins so call early to book your date.

Trout (Nov - May)

  • As the waters of the Lower Niagara begin to cool with the onset of winter, the silver bullets of Lake Ontario, the Steelhead, begin their winter runs.
  • Known as the acrobats of the Niagara, when hooked, these giant rainbow trout put on an airily show that cannot be duplicated.
  • All of our popular stretches of the river become stacked with high numbers of these chrome rockets, as well as a large mix of Brown and Lake Trout.
  • This is some of the best light tackle action any angler will ever experience. Seven-foot light action rods and light lines tipped with small egg sacks and minnows are the technique of choice for these feisty winter trout.
  • Thanks to our hydroelectric plants, the Lower Niagara remains virtually ice-free all winter long, allowing us access to this phenomenal trout fishery all the way until the spring of the year.
  • The walls of the Niagara gorge shelter us from most of the chilling winter winds. With the proper attire, any angler is able to beat cabin fever and experience the Niagara’s world class trout fishing.

Musky (November)

  • Talk to any hard core Niagara Musky angler and they will tell you that November is the months of the giants.
  • The Musky is known as the “fish of a thousand casts”. We lower those odds considerably by utilizing hands on, live bait fishing.
  • Out technique of choice for, the ultimate Niagara predator is a large sucker chub drifted on medium weight tackle.
  • We present this offering to these hungry, giants as they gorge themselves before the long winter months arrive.
  • A common day of Niagara Musky fishing is a solid three fish, averaging 15 pounds being hooked. Many 20 plus pound fish are boated each season also.
  • This is a strict catch and release charter to assure that this fragile fishery will survive for years to come.